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December 03, 20231 min read


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Age & Breed: Provide information on the horse's age, breed, and any notable characteristics of the breed. This adds context to the horse's story.

Origin: Share the horse's background, detailing where they came from and the circumstances that led them to the rescue. Highlight any challenges they faced and how they've progressed since arriving.

Duration at the Rescue: Mention how long the horse has been at the sanctuary, detailing their journey and progress during their stay.

Personality: Offer insights into the horse's temperament, quirks, and unique traits that make them special. Share heartwarming anecdotes that showcase their individual personalities.

Monthly Upkeep Costs: Detail the monthly costs associated with caring for the horse, including feed, medical care, shelter, etc. This transparency fosters trust and encourages potential sponsors/donors.

Meals: Breakfast and Dinner: Describe the horse's dietary regimen, including specifics on their breakfast and dinner routine, showcasing the nutritional care provided.

Wrap up the blog post by encouraging readers to support the horse's continued care at the sanctuary. Include a call-to-action for donations, sponsorships, or fostering opportunities, emphasizing how these contributions make a meaningful difference in the lives of these horses.

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About The Rescue

Be the Chance Rescue and Animal Sanctuary embodies Gandhi's ethos: "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

With unwavering dedication, the team works hard to answer every distress call we get for our local forgotten and wounded creatures.

They serve as a beacon of hope, not only reacting to crises but also fostering change through education and community engagement.

Every rescued soul, from pets in need to abandoned companions, finds solace within these walls.

The team's tireless efforts mirror Gandhi's philosophy, inspiring empathy and nurturing a future where every living being is valued and cared for.

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